How to insulate from road noise

Any long distance drive in a noisy car can be a particularly unpleasant experience.

Of course, some kind of noise in any car is expected but there are some things you can do that will significantly reduce the amount of noise passengers will hear when riding in the car.

If you upgrade and improve your vehicle straight away, it is possible to create an environment that is better insulated from the road outside your windows. The key to solving this is to understand where the sound is coming from and to focus on sealing and insulating those areas.

What you’ll need

  • Adhesive sound dampening material
  • Boot mat
  • Sound damping panels
  • Vehicle weather stripping

What to do

  1. First, you’ll need to replace the weather stripping on your car.Weather stripping can be found around doors and windows, but it may also be on the boot seal and anywhere there may be an opening into the car. Road noise that comes through the weather stripping is a warning sign that the stripping is on its way out and failing. When you replace it, you are instantly improving your road noise insulation and will help to prevent any damage to your car which would have been the result of the moisture seeping through a previously sealed path.
  2. To insulate the boot, lay down to heavy blankets. These can reduce the road noise slightly but if you want a more effective solution, choose a heavy rubber boot mat or invest in a sound-insulating product.
  3. When insulating the door panels and floorboards, you can use the same material you used when lining the boot. It is advised you seek professional help when taking apart your vehicle and placing down insulation.
  4. Apply a spray of noise-damping compaound to the areas which may be too difficult to cover with matting. Avoid using rubber insulation spray like the undercoating from the floor. Rather choose a product that has been specifically designed to help acoustically isolate the car.

Sound-proofing your vehicle is a worth-while investment to avoid those noisy drives.