Budget-Friendly Van Conversion Ideas

Van conversions are a great economical way to live and drive.

However, with the variety of choices available, many people may be overwhelmed and be unsure of what to pick. Some people may also find van conversions to be fairly costly.

Van Formers have a few options below that won’t break the bank and can also give you an effective conversion finish.

Sink bowl

A majority of homes have bathroom and kitchen sinks made with heavy porcelain or expensive stainless steel. You can install a sink in your converted van for under a fiver. Sink bowls are rust resistant, come in many shapes and sizes, not to mention are extremely lightweight.

Purchase a large, thin metal mixing bowl and either cut a hole in the bottom or find a specialist who can do that for you. Then install the bowl into a precut wooden shelf, which acts as the shelf. Look around for a basic drain pipe and install that in the hole beneath the bowl.

Plastic drawers

Cut costs and extra weight by using plastic drawers rather than metal or wooden drawers. A horizontal stack of plastic drawers has the ability to hold anything from your clothing to silverware. These particular storage units are light, so no unnecessary weight is added to the van. Additionally, plastic drawers are safer to use – no sharp metal or wooden edges, and they can easily be adjusted or moved.

If you are looking for a van conversion, whether that is a kombi conversion, window conversions, seat conversions or campervan conversions Devon plus many more, contact us today! We are always happy to help.