Key Benefits of Campervan Conversions

Van Formers’ Campervan conversions Devon are incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.

Some may choose specific services because they are looking to spruce up an existing campervan while others may choose to have their vehicle fully converted which enables them to use it as a campervan for the entire family.

Campervan conversions are growing in popularity and there comes the question of what benefits it presents over purchasing a purpose-built campervan.

Of the many benefits to note, the following are considered the most notable:


The most beneficial feature of selecting conversions over a purpose-built vehicle is the figures. Converters will save a substantial amount of money.

Prices will vary significantly, but when taking into consideration the amount of a full conversion, you are able to view how cost-effective it is to have an existing vehicle converted.

Individual Requirements

Price is a major contributor when deciding on a campervan or a campervan conversion, however, another benefit is the fact that people are able to have their vehicle converted in conjunction with their specific requirements.

When purchasing a campervan from new, or a purpose-built campervan, you are given a choice, however, there is always that one aspect that will have to be overlooked when compensating for another, e.g. you may like the furniture arrangement but not the theme, yet you’ll compromise.

Converting your own vehicle means there doesn’t have to be any compromises. You are granted the freedom of picking and choosing how you would like your conversion to look.


Getting your vehicle converted into a campervan means it is yours. Essentially, it has been built by you and for you, following the conversion, your revamped vehicle has a whole new personality that make it feel like one of a kind.

If you are interested in Campervan conversions Devon, Van Formers are here to help. We offer a range of services such as window conversions, seat conversions and ply lining Devon instalment too! Contact us today if you are interested, we would be more than happy to help.