What are the Benefits of Ply Lining?

Van Formers’ ply lining Devon services are completed with the highest quality services and exceed customer’s expectations.

The use of commercial vehicles can represent a substantial capital outlay for a variety of businesses. If you are interested in ply lining and want to find out how it can benefit you, take a look at this blog.

There are many advantages to having ply lining installed in your van. A lot of people see this as an unnecessary extra to their vehicle and are not fully aware of how much this can benefit them. This is why, we at Van-Formers, wanted to clear a few things up. Here are our top four reasons why ply lining your vehicle is a great investment…


Value of the Van

A van can represent a huge investment for a lot of companies, this is why it is so important to protect your investment. When your van inevitably comes to the end of its uses and you are in need of an upgrade, the better condition of your van, the more likely you will be able to make some money back. Our ply lining Devon can help ensure you retain more value for your vehicle and it will have an, overall, more professional look.

Van Lifespan

Avoiding marks, scratches and dints can not only work to protect the value of the van, but it can also prolong the life expectancy of the van. If you have spent a large sum of money on your van, you are surely expecting to get as much use out of it as possible. Our ply lining Devon helps to protect the van panels and prevents damage to the load you are carrying if it is not properly secured or if it comes loose. Ply lining can also protect your van from scratches and scrapes that could be caused when loading/unloading your vehicle. This means the things such as rusting are less likely to occur.

Internal Damage and Leaks

As your van panels begin to erode, it can really harm the protection that your van offers. Things such as dirt, rain and debris can sneak into the holes that form in the panels which can encourage rust to then form. No matter if your van is used for deliveries to customers or transporting machinery to worksites, leaks can prove costly and even detrimental to your van. This is why Van-Formers’ ply lining Devon is great if you are keen to protect your cargo/products.


If your van has already encountered damage, you may have to fork out a fair amount to attempt to repair your vehicle. It could be made worse if the damage is too significant and you then require a replacement van. This can be extremely inconvenient and costly for either you or the company. Investing in our ply lining Devon could reduce or even eliminate the repair costs to your van. You can save money that you would have otherwise lost without ply lining installed.


If you are interested in having ply lining Devon installed to your van, contact us today and we can set up an appointment! We also offer a range of conversion services such as window conversions and seat conversions. Get in touch, we are more than happy to help.