Conversions: Van to Camper

To the happy campers out there, have you considered a van to camper conversion?

There shouldn’t be any reason not to, van to camper conversions are a worthy investment – not only will one save you money, in comparison to purchasing an RV, it will offer you that same living space away from your home that can be anywhere on the road.

Before you make your decision, here are a few things to consider:

Buying vs. creating

Depending on the time you have for a conversion, an option may be to buy one that has already been converted.
Although, if you do have the skills and time, doing your own conversion will save you money and allow you to personalise the conversion to suit your exact preferences.

A simple conversion would see the installation of a sleeping platform to replace the seas, more complex and permanent arrangements would have the added installation of a kitchen and storage space.
Remember to include features that you will require.

Engine power & mileage

If you do not have a van already, ensure that you take your time to search around for the best deals to cater your needs.
If you seek a vehicle you know will be driving through mountains, opt for a V10 engine rather than a V8. The difference in the engines makes sure that you have enough power to endure a steep incline.
If you know you won’t be climbing any hills, a V8 engine will suffice.

Used vans are available at reasonable prices lately; look for one with lower mileage if you will be driving long distances.


One of the most important things to consider is ventilation in your van for when you will be sleeping.
Side windows will be able to provide this sort of ventilation, however, fans that are connected to the back or ceiling windows will provide the best air circulation.
For privacy, blinds or window drapes should be installed.

Van size

Van sizes vary and choosing the right van size for your needs will need to be done beforehand so to make the most of the conversion.
For example, a van that seats 18 passengers will definitely be roomy and offer a decent kitchen space and storage area, compared to a mini-van that may not be able to sleep two people in it.

To avoid the problem of deliberating what you will and won’t be able to do with the conversion because the van size is too small or large, plan what you would like to install into your van to camper conversion for an idea of how big the van will need to be.

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