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Is it time you bought a camper van?

Here at Van Formers, we specialise in converting your van into something extra special and bespoke for you. We are passionate about anything van related and because we enjoy the ‘outside way of life’, we believe that a van is a must. However, how do you know if a camper van is right for you? Well, consider the benefits below!

Having a camper van that has been converted to suit your needs, will allow you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your holiday, as you want. You can go where you want, when you want and have complete control to do what you want.

Whether you have kids, are a retired couple or a young couple, it can be fun to have an adventure in a camper van. It’s fun for kids to be in the van itself.

Camper vans are more manageable and less bulky, which makes them a lot easier to drive and park than a caravan and other motor homes.

Having a camper van allows you to explore the spaces of where you park, which could be anywhere.

There’s no need to look for a hotel when you have a camper van, as it is ready in an instant for you to relax. Ideal if you have kids or fancy a little snooze before exploring.

As well as being a mobile hotel, it is also a mobile food truck where you can store food and eat out of at any time.

When you convert an existing van into a camper van, it tends to be more cost-effective. As well as being specific to your needs and style. If you have found a van that you would like to convert or would like to hear more about our van conversions Devon then please do contact us.