Winter Travelling with a Van


Travelling with your converted van is an incredible experience. We all imagine travelling in a van in a very romantic way: a couple at the beach with the van doors opened and the wind sweeping through their hair. While travelling in a van can be a very carefree and amazing summer experience, it can also be a great way to travel in the winter. Whether you are preparing for a ski-holiday in your van or a winter drive through Scandinavia, there are certain things you should be mindful of when preparing your van for winter. Have a look at the list below to find out how you can prepare your van effectively for the coldest months:


When you are planning to travel and sleep in your van during the coldest months in snowy and damp regions, it is fundamental to check if your van is insulated. If it isn’t, we highly recommend you do, as, without it, the floors, the walls and the ceiling will get incredibly cold, especially at night, leading to a very uncomfortable road trip!

Mechanical Checkup

Before planning your trip, always make sure your van is mechanically able to drive a long distance and to drive in the coldest temperatures. Check your anti-freeze levels, the winter grade oil, your lights and invest in winter tyres if you haven’t already. Get an expert opinion before your travels and make sure your van is ready, don’t take unnecessary risks especially during the coldest months.

Additional items

Even following insulation, always make sure you have all the additional items to keep you warm inside the van to make sure it is a cosy holiday and not a freezing cold one! You should always have plenty of blankets, warm slippers, hot water bottles and safe heaters to warm the van up and make it safe space to sleep in.

If you are planning to buy or lease a van for a trip during the coldest months make sure you are prepared. Travelling in a van is a great adventure which will leave you with amazing memories. Before your winter travels, however, always make sure you plan ahead and enjoy your time in the snow with safety as your top priority. Happy travels!