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Van-Formers are constantly growing, and with that conversion vans in the automotive industry.

Little did many know that conversion vans could be labelled one of the not-so-secret-secrets in the automotive industry.
Many of the large families out there may not know that for the same price as a quality SUV, they could opt for a converted vehicle that’ll allow more room for children and their toys, plus ten times the customisation.

Here are five reasons why conversion vans make a perfect vehicle for large families:


One of the great things about conversion vans is that they can be tailored and molded in whatever way you would want, additions such as surround sound and entertainment systems ca be installed, as well as heated seating, HD TVs with flip down screens, navigation, accessibility, iPod ports – the list is endless!

Low cost

While those additions sound rather expensive, which is understandable, the cost can be inexpensive.
At a similar price to high-quality SUVs, a conversion van could easily be called the best value on the road this day.

So much room for activities!

Conversions usually happen because of the lack of space in a vehicle; a conversion van provides just that!
There is plenty o interior space available for the family, for friends, children and their toys.

Gas mileage

Some conversion vans gain better gas mileage that a majority of vans and SUVs.

Safe and simple

Our converted vans are safe to drive, and simple, they are no different to what it formerly drove like, only it has some great, convenient additions!

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