How safe is your Camper Conversion?

More and more we are seeing Campervans especially Transporters, where the DIY conversions have not been built to a satisfactory standard. Generally it’s the Gas installation and the Electrics that have been fitted by someone who lacks the knowledge for a safe installation.

If you are buying a Campervan that has already been converted by a DIY Convertor at home who as no insurance or liability insurance my concern would be HOW SAFE IS IT? For peace of mind, I personally would recommend having it checked by a reputable conversion company, for the sake of an hour or so it could save your life and your friends and family who also travel in your vehicle.

Very recently a customer with a VW Transporter came to us after purchasing a readymade campervan – the whole thing needed to be re-fitted for Gas and 12v electrics to make it safe, the conversion looked great aesthetically and to the untrained eye everything may look fine but when you take a closer look you can see the lack of knowledge when installing gas and electrics, not good and not safe!

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